Practitioner Stories
Amy Robinson

Waukon, Iowa

Local Physical Therapist Amy Robinson Recommends Patients Walk Due to Strong Evidence

“Recommending walking to our patients is an evidence-based practice; Walking 20-30 minutes per day will decrease health problems,” says Waukon Physical Therapist Amy Robinson. Northeast Iowa’s people are what Robinson loves most about the region, and it shows.

During a workday at Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, she pointed out to our team that for many, sitting has become the “new smoking” when it comes to the negative effects on our health. Robinson regularly sees how walking can address both obesity and her patients’ pain.

“Our bodies are meant for motion – we are supposed to move – all day long,” Amy says. For her own walks, Robinson loves Northeast Iowa’s trails at Yellow River, the Prairie Farmer Trail, and Trout Run Trail. We salute Amy Robinson for the incredible healing work she is doing to keep folks in the Driftless healthy and strong.