Practitioner Stories
Amber Wessels

Guttenberg, Iowa

Guttenberg Health Care Provider Amber Wessels Puts Pen to Paper to Remind Patients to Walk

Born and raised in Northeast Iowa, Amber Wessels is proud to call this place home. In her impactful role as a Northeast Iowa Nurse Practitioner, she’s surprising patients by hand-writing prescriptions for walking. As Wessels engages with the community at Guttenberg Municipal Hospital, she reflects on how to increase her patient’s overall wellness and quality of life.

Poised to write more patient prescriptions for walking, she told us “Walking can improve overall health for my patients. It can prevent the development of disease. It can boost people’s mood and make them feel better.”

Wessels believes walking can also help improve the management of chronic diseases like Diabetes, Hypertension, Depression, and Anxiety. Here at the “Walk More, Connect More” initiative for Northeast Iowa, we were thrilled when Wessels acknowledged “Walking can also be a ‘connector’ for people who are socially isolated.” We couldn’t agree more.

But why physically write a walking prescription, rather than just advise patience audibly to incorporate walks into their daily lives? Well, Wessels says, “Actually writing on a piece of paper is a visual cue. This is important.”

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, we all sometimes need a permission slip, of sorts, to do something as basic and important as a good long walk. We salute Amber Wessels for advocating for her patients by helping them take time for themselves and each other.

Amber’s own favorite walking routes are in Edgewood-area parks—like Bixby and Back Bone.