Why I Walk
Lisa Mueller

Fort Atkinson, Iowa

I started walking thirty-six years ago when I did not have a car to drive to work. It was about a mile and a half to my job, so I ended up walking three miles a day. I noticed that I was in a much better mood when I started work and after I got home from work. I enjoyed it so much, and the way it made me feel, that I have continued walking for pleasure ever since.

I walk to relieve stress and to clear my head— I feel much better emotionally after I walk. I like the fresh air and being outside with nature. It is easy to lose the problems of the day while I am walking, because I concentrate on the beauty that surrounds me rather than the problems that weigh me down.

I believe others should walk in order to escape the indoors even if it is for a few minutes. Walking is like taking a mini vacation; a person returns refreshed and ready to tend to whatever it is that needs attention. Walking is beneficial to a person’s physical as well as mental health; and it requires no special equipment or talent to do it. A person has to be willing to take that first step out the door in order to experience how the simple act of walking can benefit his or her life.