Practitioner Stories
Steve Perkins

Waukon, Iowa

Driftless Doctor Steve Perkins Prescribes Walking Because Exercise is Medicine

“Exercise is medicine. In order for our hearts, lungs and muscles to function optimally, we need to move! Walking can help keep my patients off meds for depression, diabetes, hypertension, and more,” says local doc Steve Perkins. As Perkins writes walking scripts at Veteran’s Memorial Hospital, he educates patients on issues he sees regularly that walking can help address, like arthritis and cardiovascular issues.

Dr. Perkins notes “It’s evidence-based medicine for Physicians/Providers to recommend walking to their patients. It works! Follow published guidelines.” Speaking to his own favorite ways to recreate throughout Northeast Iowa, Perkins enjoys hiking in a variety of settings around the area. His favorites include Yellow River Forest and Effigy Mounds.

He also relishes in walks or jogs around the loop in Waukon near Mt. Olivet Cemetery. He adds “There are many wonderful places to walk, hike, jog, or bike on the gravel roads outside of town.”