Practitioner Stories
Geralyn Zuercher

West Union, Iowa

Dr. Geralyn Zuercher Says Northeast Iowa’s Rolling Hills Have the Power to Help Patients Heal

Dr. Geralyn Zuercher loves Northeast Iowa’s rolling hills and trees. And as a Family Medicine & OB Provider in West Union, she reminds patients that walking those rolling hills can contribute to a healthy and vibrant life. Zuercher is now wielding her pen to write walking prescriptions. Zuercher recently told us “It’s very easy to prescribe walking. It’s not as easy to achieve follow-through on the patient’s part… but it’s very important. Walking is more beneficial to more disease conditions than any one pill!”

In West Union proper, Zuercher recommends walking the community’s loops that include the downtown, or heading out to the Recreation Center trail. She encourages her patients to remember just how powerful walking is in helping to treat and/or prevent chronic conditions. Dr. Zuercher says “Walking is very beneficial for chronic illnesses such as Diabetes, Heart disease, Depression and many others.  It can also be a great way for my patients to connect with others socially. People need the social connection. Walking is one of the most fundamental health habits for people. I routinely recommend a healthy diet, regular exercise, and deep relaxation to my patients.”

Here at Northeast Iowa’s “Walk More, Connect More” campaign, we feel better already.