Practitioner Stories
Dan Mansfield

Guttenberg, Iowa

Dr. Daniel Mansfield Writes Walking Prescriptions to Northeast Iowa Patients

For Dr. Daniel Mansfield of Guttenberg Municipal Hospital, encouraging patients to walk is an obvious and important step. As a General Surgeon, Mansfield says “For surgery patients, it is very beneficial for their post-op recovery if they are walking regularly at the time of surgery.  We refer to it as ‘pre-conditioning’… they will experience less discomfort and be moving sooner after their surgery. It’s very impactful.”

A resident of Decorah, Dr. Mansfield regularly walks the trails in Palisades Park and Van Peenen, as well as the city parks. Mansfield loves the bluffs, hills, and rivers of the Driftless and reminds us that those hills in towns and out on the region’s trails are a great way for people to improve their conditioning.

“Walking helps with overall fitness and conditioning for surgical patients. It increases blood flow in their extremities, helping to decrease the risk of blood clots as well as improves cardiovascular status. I encourage referring physicians to prescribe walking to their patients as they will be in better shape pre-operatively and will do much better in their post-operative course. No question.”

Mansfield went on to encourage other healthcare providers to write actual tangible walking prescriptions to patients, emphasizing “I write the prescription to be concrete and reflect the importance of daily walking. It also serves as a reminder. I encourage patients to put it on their refrigerator so they see it often.”

Kudos to Dr. Mansfield and Guttenberg Municipal Hospital for educating and empowering their patients to live stronger, more robust Northeast Iowa lives!