Practitioner Stories
Andy Smith

Guttenberg, Iowa

Northeast Iowa Doctor Andy Smith Prescribes Walking for Stress Reduction and Overall Health

It’s easy for a physician to remind patients of seemingly basic truths. Drink water. Get plenty of rest. Take a walk. But putting pen to paper, and putting a request for walking into an actual prescription, adds a whole other layer of both permission and accountability for the patient. Dr. Andy Smith of Guttenberg Municipal walks Guttenberg’s River Walk, and hikes trails at Pike’s Peak State Park for his own health and wellbeing. Smith loves Northeast Iowa’s forested hills and valleys. He believes his patients have a right to enjoy the beauty of our region’s landscape and also thrive physically here in the Driftless.

Smith says walking can improve diabetic control, lower blood pressure, improve stress, and reduce weight. Of his current writing prescription practice, Smith reminds us and other area physicians “This action (promoting walking) can cause significant health benefits. Writing this as an order shows patients you are serious about improving their health.” thanks Dr. Smith & Guttenberg Municipal Hospital for their efforts to improve the lives & wellbeing of Northeast Iowans. Dr. Smith and others like him help us connect the dots between our health and our happiness, as well as connecting the dots of one Northeast Iowa community to the next.