Why I Walk
Amy Farlinger

Cresco, Iowa

I started walking on a daily basis in 1992. I try to walk a minimum of 20 minutes each day, but ideally I like to do 30 minutes or more.

I walk because walking is a wonderful form of exercise— it keeps me healthy and active! Walking also gives me time to de-stress, meditate, pray, and, if I’m outside, enjoy nature.

Walking has also been a great way for me to keep my weight in check and my blood pressure down. I’ve had borderline high blood pressure since my pregnancy in 1997 and so far have avoided blood pressure medications.

I also enjoy visiting with family and friends which can be done while walking— and if I don’t have someone to go with me in person, I grab my cell phone, call a loved one, and hit the pavement or track in a “walk and talk” session!