Why I Walk
Rachel Fritz

Garnavillo, Iowa

I have been a walker for many years. Over the years, I’ve realized the importance of doing some form of daily physical activity. Outdoors is my favorite, due to living in the country with the fresh air and peacefulness. Watching the wildlife is very relaxing for me. Also, walking is “me time.”

When the weather is nice, I walk outdoors for 1–2 miles. I live in the country, so I walk on my gravel road. We also have a large grassy field with paths through it, which I walk for a change of scenery and pace. If the weather is not cooperating, I walk on treadmill for 20 minutes or use the elliptical.

My favorite time to walk is to watch the sunrise and the sunset. There are never two sunrises or sunsets that are alike, so I walk twice a day not to miss them.

I walk for many reasons: for better health, time for myself, reduction of stress. Also, for pleasure—it is very invigorating. Walking helps me focus on what I need to accomplish and clears my mind. Further, I am a diabetic. Walking helps me stay as healthy as possible by naturally controlling blood sugars. As a health coach, I encourage many of my diabetic clients to walk at whatever distance they are able.

Breathing in the fresh air, taking in scenery of our county is enough reason for walking. Get a good pair of walking shoes and just get started by setting small goals, then work up from there. Walking is a simple way to enjoy life!